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निर्भय तुमने बहुत सहा ,उन्होंने कुछ न कहा तुम चुप चाप कराहती रही ,यहाँ लाठियां बरसती रहीं तुम सदा के लिए सो गयी ,पर जगा कर गयी हम सबको छोड़ गयी इन आँखों में सैलाब,शर्म, गुस्सा और दधकती आग त्राहि त्राहि सब ओर,यह कैसा समाज, ये कैसा समय तुम्हारा बलिदान अमूल्य, पुकारता निर्भय, निर्भय   - मीनाक्षी ( 29 दिसम्बर , 2012 )


ज्वालामुखी  बरसों बाद फूटा है ये ज्वाला  जो मैंने , तुमने और हर लड़की ने सहा है  अब न रुकूंगी मैं , अब और ना सहूंगी मैं  दामिनी हूँ मैं , शक्ति हूँ मैं  मैं ही जननी हूँ , मेरा तुम पर उपकार है  आज हुआ ये जो बलात्कार है , यह उसी जननी की अस्मिता पे वार है  काली हूँ मैं , अब वेह्शियों का करना नरसंहार है  संभल जाओ , यह तुम्हारे दूध को ललकार है  हिंदुस्तान हो गया था कब का आज़ाद , पर आज भी यहाँ का आदमी घिनोनी सोच में गिरफ्तार है  कुंठित हूँ मैं , की आखिर क्यूं ये आदमी हो गया जानवर से बदतर  ऐसे आदमी होने को धिक्कार है , धिक्कार है  - मीनाक्षी ( 24 दिसम्बर , 2012 )

Desh taiyaar hai

आज इंडिया गेट में मचा हाहाकार है   उबल रहा है हर युवा ,  के संभल जाओ , बहोत हुआ  करो इन्साफ , ये गुस्सा है  हर लड़की की चीत्कार है  मांग है , बराबरी से जीने का अधिकार है  तड़प जाएँ वो वेहशी , जिन्होंने किया भारत माँ की अस्मिता पे वार है  कराह रही है दामिनी , कराह रहा है देश  पुलिस बरसाती लाठियां , आंसू गैस की बोछार है  मुंह छुपा कर बैठें है देश के सरंक्षक , गूंगी बहरी पत्थर सरकार है अब हरे और सन्तरी रंगों से अलग न कर सकोगे हमको हम कमज़ोर नहीं हैं अब , एकजुट तैयार हैं अब उठेगा जनाज़ा इस सरकार का ग़र इक और बरसी लाठी यहाँ की यह अमानवीय है , जनता का तिरस्कार है न सहेंगे और हम, न थमेंगे अब कदम के अब कफ़न बांधे खड़ा है हर युवा ख़बरदार है, तैयार है - मीनाक्षी ( दिसम्बर 23, 2012)

What a rain!

Rain You came, washed off those stains That everlasting pain Grudges flowed, down the drain I am left wet and pure,  It's you, I am sure What a rain! - Meenaxi

Only When...

Only When... Only when You can see  Yourself, within me Only then its love Euphoric and free Only when you shed that all And Become a child Only then we can discover Go wet and wild Only when You wipe off that dust The mirror will get crystal clear Only then we can see each other....

Motherhood: A Song For Life

Motherhood: A Song For Life Have you ever felt GOD being there with you in person? Yes, you might have felt….at some moment in your life…….. in your mother.The  most special and loved human being who is responsible for existence of humankind on this earth, the MOTHER and I believe being a mother is just a miracle happened. Motherhood is divine, completes a woman within, being a mother makes you wiser, mature and enables you to discover the limitless possibilities within you. Here I share my motherhood journey through few words. Reflections: Journey of transformation from being selfish to selfless I was an ambitious woman, feminist and always in competitive mode, pacing to win the race unknown. During my bedrest in the expecting months, I relaxed, took a breath and first time ever in my life realized the beauty of rest and happiness. Earlier,I consciously remember there was something on the agenda always to be worked for and achieve and win, pretty much happen

Soak No More

Soak No More Into Grudges, soak no more Coz’ they leave stains That everlasting pain Let those go off Down the drain Treasure love Hatred is not to store Choose kindness, hurt no more As Surf excel matic , Penetrate every molecule of jealousy Then laugh aloud, with open pores Reach out, go and help Let the spots of wounds vanish From ages you bore In your ego, soak no more Wash off that dust and dirt Forgiving, is the only detergent Laugh and live, forgiving is therapeutic As the noble effect of surf excel matic Into grudges, soak no more This post is written to enhance and elevate life force with power of following forgive and forget policy and for the contest "Soak no more" on Indiblogger and if you like this, please vote for it here on this link   . Thanks and kudos to brand of surf being synonymous with the word detergent. In the era of 1980-2000, in middle cla

The First Lady in Green

The First Lady of our Home “W here do we get our vegetables from ” I asked my 4 year old daughter in my regular practice of making them generally aware of their surroundings. Mama, “ from Sabziwala uncle ”….prompt came up the reply from the little bundle of curiosity. She expected an appreciation, some gesture to get applauded for her knowledge. I nodded in accordance not to dissuade her spirit to answer, but the response of my question startled me …of how limited her knowledge is and I am the main culprit. I have not exposed her to the wonders of our dear Gaia, the earth. The disturbance caused a severe insomnia followed by a plan, but I was apprehensive. Being brought up in the industrial city of Haryana and now domesticated in the jungle of concrete, it was a herculean task to teach by example. To succeed in a unknown territory also carried the risk of failure, that too in the role of a mom, it’s not quite easy to share your failure with your kids. It was easier to teac

Colors of Rage

Pic Credit - National Geographic Bang the door, Break the floor, Clinching fists, Paced up wrists Fiery eyes, Breaking ties, Ugly words, temper Rush of moment, stupor Egos, power, name Humanity at shame, Surroundings aflame Whom to blame When rage knocks Love goes lame Part of the game

The art of faking

Dazzling diamonds on its exterior, Yelling brand showcasing being privileged,  Inside, just a tissue and visiting cards Sufficient to wipe off the embarrassment naked Insides of a pompous purse, Of a wanna be celebrity, lost and caged.

Key to freedom

Key I knocked everyday on that door, With hopes to stand as a winner, In meditation, In Imagination, In Prayer Hopeless was not me, Victory was a bee, In my bonnet, the only love sonnet On a sunny day, door got open, Curtains were raised, For long this dream I chased, I can’t believe what I see, No, the winner is not me, Bravo!, Defeat is my key, To set free


ये कैसी खटास है जो दिलों को चीर जाती है कितने ह़ी मीठे जाम पिलायो उनकी जुबां मीठी नहीं हो पाती है

Lakme Land – Where Every Woman is a Diva

Kyra in Lakme Land – Where Every Woman is a Diva Beat the heat, bask in sun With Lakme expert, summers are fun No worries of tan, only chill with your man Play at beach, make a party plan Shake those legs, dance with élan Sarongs, shades, jute hat and sheen, Diva is not ready yet, without her lakme sunscreen Pool and wine, Happy Sunshine, Skimpy and sultry, those blushing Cheeks get rosy With lakme sun expert, even summers are cozy Sweat at bay, swing and sway Kyra, Elena having fun in May Kanupriya, a simple girl hailed from a lower middle class conservative family in Agra. Everyday while going to her school, she dreamt of being a diva, with hidden desires where jaws drop and heads turn for her. Every girl has a Cinderella inside fantasizing to be rescued by a fairy and give her a makeover to find her prince charming. While she was lost in her Cinderella dreams, her mom yelled at her “Come in kitchen, what will you do in Sasuraal’, th

Those Nine Months & Genie

Internet is fun You have got twins! Radiologist announced to me and my husband, the result of my first ultrasound. As glamorized in films, in real life, we didn’t dance and gifted the Radiologist with my necklace with joy immediately, but we were pleasantly surprised, bewildered, stunned for a moment. Mixed feelings of joy, surprise and apprehensions, of having two babies together flooded our inexperienced minds towards parenthood. This twins word spread in family through various Oooh Aahhs, wow, jackpot, OMG and all sorts of exclamatory comments. At that point of time, me and my husband were working together on the same project in an IT company, my role was crucial as a technical architect. I had to put a hold to my work as our doctor prescribed me complete bed rest, leave the job and to remain in lying position 95% of the time, even sitting was not allowed except food time. A 360 degrees transformation was needed to our lifestyle. A girl outdoor needed to be confined to tota

What’s your Legacy?

What is our legacy for our children…Material or Memories? Childhood stays as the most cherished and beautiful phase in anyone’s life. What our kids would reminisce most about their childhood? How our kids would remember us eventually? Let us take a moment to ask ourselves and reflect? We are struggling day and night for securing a better future for our children. In the process of facilitating them a luxurious lifestyle, pacing up with peer pressure, somewhere, life itself is getting missed. Your children need your presence more than your presents. ~Jesse Jackson The early years are the formative years, casting an impression of living a life. Are we setting the right example? These formative years develop a strong foundation of a kid, cultivate into an emotionally secure human being. So the involvement and the attention required from the parents is the most in these years. When we remember our childhood, the most endearing moments are our happy times with our parent

My True Story Published

Do you have a brother? I find it very difficult to answer this question today when being asked "Do you have a brother". Please read my true story published in Womesweb magazine at the following link and your comments, resonance stay valuable to the core. Value each breath with your beloveds... - Meenaxi

The Blogger Award Goes To Me ? :)

Celebrating My Award Night ! Once upon a time, I was travelling in time on the journey of writing and hunting for a launch pad...and in my lap, my fellow blogger Saher shows me a ray of light with bestowing an award for my blog, what more can I ask for. Finding resonance and kindness reflects the goodness is still there and so is the appreciation of art. Thanks Saher. I enjoy reading your blog ...  , for being sour and sweet and  simple. Keep writing, Life stance has promising substance and is versatile not being a usual diarrhea of everyday happenings.You have an eye for humor. Time for fulfilling the ritual: A.        Thank the person who nominated you. B.        Post a picture of the award on your blog. C.        Share 7 random thoughts about yourself. D.        Choose bloggers to pass the award to. E.         Inform them about it. Few random thoughts about me.. . I love rich Mom made Paranthas loaded with butter and with a ho