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  #IAMPINK #PINK I was born as an unwanted guest, a failed attempt for a son. Son came after as my little brother but destiny meant it otherwise. We lost him after 17 years. We all learnt our lessons, grew stronger emotionally but still mostly on Rakhi days, I kept waiting for the so called brothers in relation to tie my Rakhi and eventually overcame that wait too but somewhere that void remains. I got blessed by twin daughters. When they were around 6 months old, one of the old lady saw the pram with two babies and asked, “Congratulations, they are twins?” “Yes, aunty”. "A Boy and a girl!" One of my daughter had less hair and extra chubby at that time. “No aunty, both girls”. “Oh!”….she paused. Her spark fizzled out. “Anyways beta, both are Lakshmis”, She said in a tone consoling me. I was quiet, dumbfounded and extremely angry. Another day, there was another old lady in neighbour, she just grabbed my hand one day and insistingly said,” I wanted t