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Meenaxi's Magic Mantras Series 1-8

It's your choice to feel low or laugh it off thinking others' behaviour lowly! - Meenaxi's Magic Mantra # 1 Perseverance is the greatest talent Complete forgiveness is the only remedy and the best revenge - Meenaxi's Magic Mantra # 3 Being in love doesn't mean being tamed; instead those arms around you become your wings to fly - Meenaxi's Magic Mantra # 4 Let love be the answer to all the questions - Meenaxi Magic Mantra # 5 Shed all the fear, the next moment is Cheer - Meenaxi's Magic mantra # 6 Why crawl when you can fly, When you can do it, why try ? - Meenaxi's Magic mantra # 7 OLD friends keep you young - Meenaxi's Magic Mantra # 8