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Those moments, Breath-taking moments, Stand still moments, Being felt besides you, That moment When you said yes, to be mine My senses dropped, All movement stopped Something divine That moment You sitting on a bench When I saw a tear rolling out on your face That pain, that helplessness If I could embrace That moment When I looked deep inside your eyes That compassion and innocence Left me numb, touched my soul I love you For being so pure I am always yours I do assure

FountainHead by Ayn Rand - Book Review

After reading Fountainhead recently, I realize so profoundly that art stays timeless…Written in 1943 spanning over 704 pages , It’s a story of an architect Howard Roark who through his authenticity and mere passion for his work had challenged the second hands around and their potentials. He did not follow others blindly; the conditioning was suffocating for him since he followed the road less travelled.  He, the rebel conquers over the typical conservatisms who felt threatened by his innovativeness. To me it seemed like I am through with an epic…like Ramayana where the good wins over evil. I am so enriched having read this book and feel that it’s a like polio drop, a mandatory for readers who are growing, anyone who can read and comprehend.  It throws good light over various philosophies of life, some live as exhibitionist for others, some live as martyrs, and few live purely with a free soul….Its also a love story and quite a text book for the artists, especially architects The pr