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Motherhood: A Song For Life

Motherhood: A Song For Life Have you ever felt GOD being there with you in person? Yes, you might have felt….at some moment in your life…….. in your mother.The  most special and loved human being who is responsible for existence of humankind on this earth, the MOTHER and I believe being a mother is just a miracle happened. Motherhood is divine, completes a woman within, being a mother makes you wiser, mature and enables you to discover the limitless possibilities within you. Here I share my motherhood journey through few words. Reflections: Journey of transformation from being selfish to selfless I was an ambitious woman, feminist and always in competitive mode, pacing to win the race unknown. During my bedrest in the expecting months, I relaxed, took a breath and first time ever in my life realized the beauty of rest and happiness. Earlier,I consciously remember there was something on the agenda always to be worked for and achieve and win, pretty much happen