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Colors of Rage

Pic Credit - National Geographic Bang the door, Break the floor, Clinching fists, Paced up wrists Fiery eyes, Breaking ties, Ugly words, temper Rush of moment, stupor Egos, power, name Humanity at shame, Surroundings aflame Whom to blame When rage knocks Love goes lame Part of the game

The art of faking

Dazzling diamonds on its exterior, Yelling brand showcasing being privileged,  Inside, just a tissue and visiting cards Sufficient to wipe off the embarrassment naked Insides of a pompous purse, Of a wanna be celebrity, lost and caged.

Key to freedom

Key I knocked everyday on that door, With hopes to stand as a winner, In meditation, In Imagination, In Prayer Hopeless was not me, Victory was a bee, In my bonnet, the only love sonnet On a sunny day, door got open, Curtains were raised, For long this dream I chased, I can’t believe what I see, No, the winner is not me, Bravo!, Defeat is my key, To set free