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Search of Soul

Search of Soul I search you everywhere in everybody, Hoping someone your soul might embody, Myself so desperate to have the same bonding Two souls, enjoying, sailing, singing the same melody No words, no proofs, no gifts, no performance Trust, companionship and selfless love in abundance That was our relation, our world of happiness, You left me, left our world, leaving silent tears in excess You were divine, Oh my holy saint No sign of anger, with desires restraint Your love was all embracing, leaving no complaint My heart aches for you, tell me how to constraint The harder I look for you in someone, Stronger the blow, I get, It hurts badly to lose you, you in parts Still, I can not forget You will stay in my heart for this life, And I can never stop looking for you, That single hope keeps me alive.... Oh my darling little brother You will come back to me, to my home With in me, To Resume....


Expectations Relations bring expectations, Expectations bring complications, Complications are indications, Indications of confrontations, So do not expect... Relations have complex situations, Sometimes there are expectations, With no conversations, Expectations are important motivations but Expressions have hesitations, Hesitations cause frustrations So do not expect... In close Relations, Expectations are natural implications, Meeting Expectations should not be Qualifications Meeting Expectations should only be Recommendations Met Expectations bring Exclamations So why do you expect? Just fulfill…