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Guiding Kids to appreciate nature

Its time we need to remind our future…our kids that we human beings are formed out of the five elements of nature and feel at peace and happiest being closer to our roots…nature. What ever money one spends, the cool breeze or blue sky can’t be bought ever. With no offence to baffling technology, life should get easier with technolgy’s advent but not addicted and handicapped with it. It was the month of May and my 5 yr. old daughters were home due to summer vacations in school. Days were getting consumed playing laptop games, watching TV sitting in air conditioned environment. And as a mom everyday was a challenge to provide my kids enough stimulation and keeping them engaged. We used to buy lots of games, puzzles and battery operated light and sound toys costing us lot of money and kids were getting over their toys in a week’s time. Their vacations were getting wasted indoors, and they demanded to play on the laptop than playing in the park. I felt lil’ helpless worryin

The Irony

आज क्यूकर हुआ दर्द  जब झूठन डाली कचरे में  की डाल सकती थी वो  कुछ और सांसे  उस थिठुर्थी हड्डियों के ढांचे में  हमको है जादुई कालीन तुमको नसीब नहीं एक पैबंद फिर भी हम परेशां है और तुम हो बुलंद