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The First Lady in Green

The First Lady of our Home “W here do we get our vegetables from ” I asked my 4 year old daughter in my regular practice of making them generally aware of their surroundings. Mama, “ from Sabziwala uncle ”….prompt came up the reply from the little bundle of curiosity. She expected an appreciation, some gesture to get applauded for her knowledge. I nodded in accordance not to dissuade her spirit to answer, but the response of my question startled me …of how limited her knowledge is and I am the main culprit. I have not exposed her to the wonders of our dear Gaia, the earth. The disturbance caused a severe insomnia followed by a plan, but I was apprehensive. Being brought up in the industrial city of Haryana and now domesticated in the jungle of concrete, it was a herculean task to teach by example. To succeed in a unknown territory also carried the risk of failure, that too in the role of a mom, it’s not quite easy to share your failure with your kids. It was easier to teac