December 29, 2012



तुमने बहुत सहा ,उन्होंने कुछ न कहा
तुम चुप चाप कराहती रही ,यहाँ लाठियां बरसती रहीं

तुम सदा के लिए सो गयी ,पर जगा कर गयी हम सबको
छोड़ गयी इन आँखों में सैलाब,शर्म, गुस्सा और दधकती आग

त्राहि त्राहि सब ओर,यह कैसा समाज, ये कैसा समय
तुम्हारा बलिदान अमूल्य, पुकारता निर्भय, निर्भय
- मीनाक्षी ( 29 दिसम्बर , 2012 )

December 24, 2012



बरसों बाद फूटा है ये ज्वाला 
जो मैंने , तुमने और हर लड़की ने सहा है 
अब न रुकूंगी मैं , अब और ना सहूंगी मैं 
दामिनी हूँ मैं , शक्ति हूँ मैं 
मैं ही जननी हूँ , मेरा तुम पर उपकार है 
आज हुआ ये जो बलात्कार है ,
यह उसी जननी की अस्मिता पे वार है 
काली हूँ मैं , अब वेह्शियों का करना नरसंहार है 
संभल जाओ , यह तुम्हारे दूध को ललकार है 
हिंदुस्तान हो गया था कब का आज़ाद ,
पर आज भी यहाँ का आदमी घिनोनी सोच में गिरफ्तार है 
कुंठित हूँ मैं , की आखिर क्यूं ये आदमी हो गया जानवर से बदतर 
ऐसे आदमी होने को धिक्कार है , धिक्कार है 

- मीनाक्षी ( 24 दिसम्बर , 2012 )

Desh taiyaar hai

आज इंडिया गेट में मचा हाहाकार है 
उबल रहा है हर युवा , 
के संभल जाओ , बहोत हुआ 
करो इन्साफ , ये गुस्सा है 
हर लड़की की चीत्कार है 
मांग है , बराबरी से जीने का अधिकार है 
तड़प जाएँ वो वेहशी , जिन्होंने किया भारत माँ की अस्मिता पे वार है 

कराह रही है दामिनी , कराह रहा है देश 
पुलिस बरसाती लाठियां , आंसू गैस की बोछार है 
मुंह छुपा कर बैठें है देश के सरंक्षक ,
गूंगी बहरी पत्थर सरकार है

अब हरे और सन्तरी रंगों से अलग न कर सकोगे हमको
हम कमज़ोर नहीं हैं अब , एकजुट तैयार हैं
अब उठेगा जनाज़ा इस सरकार का
ग़र इक और बरसी लाठी यहाँ
की यह अमानवीय है , जनता का तिरस्कार है
न सहेंगे और हम, न थमेंगे अब कदम
के अब कफ़न बांधे खड़ा है हर युवा
ख़बरदार है, तैयार है

- मीनाक्षी ( दिसम्बर 23, 2012)

December 13, 2012

What a rain!


You came, washed off those stains
That everlasting pain
Grudges flowed, down the drain
I am left wet and pure, 
It's you, I am sure
What a rain!

- Meenaxi

December 12, 2012

Only When...

Only When...

Only when You can see 
Yourself, within me
Only then its love
Euphoric and free

Only when you shed that all
And Become a child
Only then we can discover

Go wet and wild

Only when You wipe off that dust
The mirror will get crystal clear
Only then we can see each other....

November 2, 2012

Motherhood: A Song For Life

Motherhood: A Song For Life

Have you ever felt GOD being there with you in person? Yes, you might have felt….at some moment in your life…….. in your mother.The most special and loved human being who is responsible for existence of humankind on this earth, the MOTHER and I believe being a mother is just a miracle happened.Motherhood is divine, completes a woman within, being a mother makes you wiser, mature and enables you to discover the limitless possibilities within you.

Here I share my motherhood journey through few words.


Journey of transformation from being selfish to selfless

I was an ambitious woman, feminist and always in competitive mode, pacing to win the race unknown. During my bedrest in the expecting months, I relaxed, took a breath and first time ever in my life realized the beauty of rest and happiness. Earlier,I consciously remember there was something on the agenda always to be worked for and achieve and win, pretty much happening in everybody's life. So embarking motherhood gave me a chance to breath and relax, and take it easy.

It was the day of April's fool, when I got the test positive and an affirmation of a new journey unfolding, the same day brought me a promotion at work.

I watched the movie Guru and went for an ultrasound, the result showed that I will be having twins....the first in entire clan....and when I revealed this to my family, the responses were really dramatic, priceless and of them said Oh My God!, how?????

I was expecting twins and used to imagine and wonder and wrote the following poem for my angels to come...

A Welcome Note for my babies before they were born

Oh my dear lil' angels

I am waiting....

To have you in my lap
To hold you, caress you
To see your smile
To admire it for that while
I am curious....

To know you are boys or girls
You have silky black hair or brown shiny curls
To see your face
To take you in my embrace

I imagine...

You smiling and crawling
Calling me Mama and talking
Your lil' hands and feet in a wrap
You sleeping cozily in my lap

You playing with your sweet Papa
Him singing songs and you going ga ga
You on his shoulders, asking for toys
He calling you beta, his eyes filled with joys

Oh my dear babies

Its still three and half months to go
So lets gear up, its time for you to grow
Your mom is showing up with a new glow
Waiting, for her love to bestow

Come, my sweet little cutie pies
May GOD bless you with everything under the sky?
I am sure you will strengthen our family ties
You are my angels, GOD himself coming to my home in disguise

Self to Selfless Journey

Motherhood is the only pain for which u will never complain….

Motherhood changes your life 360 degrees but I must tell that you will be the happiest person even after exhaustion.

You will start to laugh, a laughter which is heartfelt which you might not have since so many years, you laugh when you hear those baby giggles coming from the tummy, you will become the most creative and naughty child when you play with those curious angels, you will become a comedian when you make silly faces and do drop things to entertain, you will bring out the best understanding teacher when you try to make your baby learn the stuff by fun. You obtain all the degrees and draw all the talents in yourself and become much more as a human being after being a parent. You will do sacrifices, forget about your sleep, food, entertainment, privacy anything important to you earlier before parenthood, you will be ready to give it all away for your child with a smile. It a natural phenomenon, a journey from being self oriented to being selfless. I would say any academic degree can not upgrade you so much than being a parent. You obtain or try hard to be the most patient, most giving, and most responsible human being without any tutorial or passing exams.

Before being a mother, I used to best dressed, with manicured nails, neat hair cut, glowing face and still be cautious about my looks. I must tell you there were days in the first year of Mihikaa and Maansi when I could not get time or energy to comb my hair in two days and the only attire in the first 8 months was the feeding gown I used to be in to be ready to serve my dolls. It was after 2 years and 4 months when we watched the first movie “3 Idiots” in theater along with our kids and cherished good old days of popcorn, holding hands etc. It was only after 6 months that we went to dine out formally and it proved to be a disaster as it led us to take one kid outside and have meals alone on the table.  But there is satisfaction, of being worth, being accomplished, being happy to see kids growing, and the most genuine joy of being a mother.

A tribute to my twin daughters Mihikaa & Maansi

As a mother

You are born
As a baby
I am born
As a Mother

You needed Care
Your mother to be there
I grew responsible
I had you to share

You were naughty
Always wanted me to play
I relived as a child
To stay Happy Everyday

You wanted me to teach u craft
Brought my talent out in art
You wanted me to dance
My deep rooted hobby, u gave me a chance

You wanted all my time with passion
I gave away myself to you
Forgot all worries & tension
You wanted to go out & play
I got loving friends everyday

You got attractive and received people’s grins
I was known by you as a mother of twins
You wanted to go out and play
I got new society friends to meet everyday

I owe this peace and happiness to you
Our home full of laughter and giggles all through
You are my lifetime friend and your love is true
I want to bestow all my love and GOD be with you

You are growing everyday
Being a child to a girl
I am growing everyday
Being a woman to a mother

I never ever felt as special and important as after being a mother. The baby’s eyes searching you, the solace in your lap, the comfort baby feels while latched on you is something which can not be expressed in words. You might not be someone valued earlier but you mean the world to your baby. It gives you such a high and makes you more responsible and patient human being. Yes any mother would do what mother India did in the movie. It your rebirth as a better human being with humane values.

Its not the case that you start feeling committed, attached and in love with the baby instantly after having the baby in your lap, its not the love at first sight, the love , the attachment is gradual.
As the baby grows, you also grow as the baby’s mother and you both develop attachment, the difference is baby expresses it once knowing the language you understands. 

Thanks for making me your Mother

I had everybody
Still Never felt so complete
I had everything
Still never felt so content

It’s strange that
You made me to do what I can not imagine
You made me to quit my job
You made me to be awake days and night
You made me to look shapeless
You made me to be at home and tired

And You made me to love all this

You made me to feel beautiful
You made me to feel so much love
You made me so responsible
You made me to understand the value of relations

You made me so much
Yes, I am so thankful to GOD
You made me to be your mother

And at last would share:

Your children are not your children.
They are the sons and daughters of Life's longing for itself.
They come through you but not from you,
and though they are with you, yet they belong not to you.
You may give them your love, but not your thoughts.
For they have their own thoughts.
You may house their bodies but not their souls,
for their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow,
which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams.
You may strive to be like them, but seek not to make them like you.
For life goes not backward, nor tarries with yesterday.
--Kahlil Gibran

My journey of motherhood transformed me to be a better human being, laugh wholeheartedly, to understand the unconditional love, to nurture and to enjoy each moment and made me a crisis manager, and the promotion to CHO -  Chief Happiness Officer at home :) I became a mother and I am loving it...the best thing happened ever....and to top it all, I could pursue my buried passion...writing and reading and walk on the road less traveled( you were the reason I felt like expressing and writing) empowered live life with heart.

This post was to share few glimpses of my journey to motherhood..for the contest..

September 8, 2012

Soak No More

Soak No More

Into Grudges, soak no more
Coz’ they leave stains
That everlasting pain
Let those go off
Down the drain

Treasure love
Hatred is not to store
Choose kindness, hurt no more

As Surf excel matic ,
Penetrate every molecule of jealousy
Then laugh aloud, with open pores
Reach out, go and help
Let the spots of wounds vanish
From ages you bore
In your ego, soak no more

Wash off that dust and dirt
Forgiving, is the only detergent
Laugh and live, forgiving is therapeutic
As the noble effect of surf excel matic
Into grudges, soak no more

This post is written to enhance and elevate life force with power of following forgive and forget policy and for the contest "Soak no more" on Indiblogger and if you like this, please vote for it here on this link  . Thanks and kudos to brand of surf being synonymous with the word detergent.

In the era of 1980-2000, in middle class northern Indian families, surf was the answer for any cleaning needs ranging from floors, bathroom tiles, utensils, clothes, decorative flowers, etc. And who said, "detergent????, I remember ki beta surf dena.....and surf has come a long way now being surf excel matic and washing off those tough stains without hours of soaking into a fun activity. Also its serving a social cause of being unbiased to gender specific activity where soaking, washing etc. was a strenuous chore for women earlier, now with its advent even men enjoy putting clothes into w/m with a scoop of surf excel matic and taking pride in finishing a household chore. Empowered society....I guess and smile.

August 28, 2012

The First Lady in Green

The First Lady of our Home

“Where do we get our vegetables from” I asked my 4 year old daughter in my regular practice of making them generally aware of their surroundings.
Mama, “from Sabziwala uncle”….prompt came up the reply from the little bundle of curiosity. She expected an appreciation, some gesture to get applauded for her knowledge. I nodded in accordance not to dissuade her spirit to answer, but the response of my question startled me …of how limited her knowledge is and I am the main culprit. I have not exposed her to the wonders of our dear Gaia, the earth.

The disturbance caused a severe insomnia followed by a plan, but I was apprehensive. Being brought up in the industrial city of Haryana and now domesticated in the jungle of concrete, it was a herculean task to teach by example. To succeed in a unknown territory also carried the risk of failure, that too in the role of a mom, it’s not quite easy to share your failure with your kids. It was easier to teach her everything on Internet but teaching her by example was not easy at all.

Without much ado and exploration, I asked for some seeds from my Mom and with help of the gardener, I thought of sacrificing half of my lawn in front for this task to demo the beauty of soil and nature. So we removed grass and had sown seeds of ladyfinger, my favorite vegetable catering to all moods. I remained the subject of mockery of my husband who ridiculed that for half a kg. Veggies, why cause distortion of lawn and extra pain. I knew about the visual memory and the impact of practical teaching on little minds so I kept mum. And I knew showing a video on YouTube this time would not work either.

One neighbor aunt saw some plants sprouting and said what is there? I proudly shared my new endeavor, oh she said why Ladyfinger, it’s not the right season. I could not hope much in vain…still I let the nature follow its course and watched. After almost a month, noticed some beautiful flowers in white/lemonish tinge over ladyfinger plants.
The Ladyfinger flower 

After few days, my husband called me out to find some small buds of many ladyfingers, I kept silent smiling.His gesture proved upon his level of interest and the liitle child with in him curious enough.

 In a week, we encountered healthy tall shiny ladyfingers blooming. 

The first harvest
It was time to finally bring those home grown ladyfingers to kitchen and relish. Like a mom, I photographed each step of my pet ladyfingers and gave my daughter a chance to actually experience the exhilaration. For some, it’s insignificant, and not at all worth noticing but for a novice urban woman, it’s not the number of ladyfingers harvested that matters, it’s the human evolution, being the catalyst and experiencing the development process. It’s an inexplicable feeling, to witness the journey from seed to fruit. It’s not a big deal or maybe it is…as the heart is content.

And now I am relieved too with the answer of the question, from where do we get our veggies from?

July 27, 2012

Colors of Rage

Pic Credit - National Geographic

Bang the door,
Break the floor,
Clinching fists,
Paced up wrists

Fiery eyes,
Breaking ties,
Ugly words, temper
Rush of moment, stupor

Egos, power, name
Humanity at shame,
Surroundings aflame
Whom to blame

When rage knocks
Love goes lame
Part of the game

July 25, 2012

Song of love

Sync your deeds and tongues
Fill fresh air in your lungs
Love would be the only song,
To stay in hearts, you sung
Smile a lil’ more to stay young

July 5, 2012

The art of faking

Dazzling diamonds on its exterior,
Yelling brand showcasing being privileged, 

Inside, just a tissue and visiting cards
Sufficient to wipe off the embarrassment naked

Insides of a pompous purse,
Of a wanna be celebrity, lost and caged.

July 4, 2012



Clear all debts,

As love lasts

And hatred haunts...

Key to freedom


I knocked everyday on that door,
With hopes to stand as a winner,
In meditation, In Imagination, In Prayer

Hopeless was not me,
Victory was a bee,
In my bonnet,
the only love sonnet

On a sunny day, door got open,
Curtains were raised,
For long this dream I chased,

I can’t believe what I see,
No, the winner is not me,
Defeat is my key,To set free

June 7, 2012


ये कैसी खटास है
जो दिलों को चीर जाती है

कितने ह़ी मीठे जाम पिलायो
उनकी जुबां मीठी नहीं हो पाती है

May 25, 2012

Lakme Land – Where Every Woman is a Diva

Kyra in Lakme Land – Where Every Woman is a Diva

Beat the heat, bask in sun
With Lakme expert, summers are fun
No worries of tan, only chill with your man
Play at beach, make a party plan

Shake those legs, dance with élan
Sarongs, shades, jute hat and sheen,
Diva is not ready yet, without her lakme sunscreen

Pool and wine,
Happy Sunshine,
Skimpy and sultry, those blushing Cheeks get rosy
With lakme sun expert, even summers are cozy

Sweat at bay, swing and sway
Kyra, Elena having fun in May

Kanupriya, a simple girl hailed from a lower middle class conservative family in Agra. Everyday while going to her school, she dreamt of being a diva, with hidden desires where jaws drop and heads turn for her. Every girl has a Cinderella inside fantasizing to be rescued by a fairy and give her a makeover to find her prince charming.

While she was lost in her Cinderella dreams, her mom yelled at her “Come in kitchen, what will you do in Sasuraal’, the only expectation for being born as a girl.

I will keep servants and cooks Ma, She answered casually. Watching those tourist ladies over the years flooding for Taj, she had this fascination of dressing like them. Obsessed with wearing huge white sunglasses and sarong was such a craving that was etched in her heart like those prayers carved over white pristine marbles in Taj. She pondered over Mumtaaz and Shahjahan story often and her only ambition was to fall in love with a Kingly man and be the princess of his heart.

Kanupriya was a born dancer and any music was irresistible to her feet. She studied and became an IT engineer with her fantasies deep buried in her heart, and as the youth dawned, her mother’s wrinkles got multifold. She lost her father at an early age. Now being financially independent earned her the little liberty with her mother and relatives to lead her preferred lifestyle and fulfill her dreams. Though her mother was conservative, she always listened to Kanupriya’s wishes and her status and respect in the society were the outcome which earned her mother’s conviction and approval.

You are going to be 28 this year, Kanupriya, why are you adamant of doing a love marriage, If you want it your way, Please fall in love fast, find some guy in your surroundings, or let me ask our relatives to bring you suitors…these were constant from mother even haunting her in the night. When she is going to find her prince and how? He won’t appear running on a white horse out of nowhere, and in her surroundings, all good guys are no more single. She was stuck in her own web…no ray of light appeared. She used to stay disheartened as she always was reluctant of those typical arranged marriages. But her mother was after her life due to societal pressure and finally she gave up. She agreed to meet the best out of the list of offers her mother shortlisted with her sheer hard work and network.

That was the day, Kanupriya was nervous, dressing up, trying to look her ever best and groomed. She helped Mom in cleaning and keeping the house spick and span and as everybody recommend she wore a sky blue saree, the first ever saree, she felt uncomfortable. She looked into the mirror, she was not convinced but she had no choice and time left. The scene was set, they sat, awaited her and then she arrived greeting everybody with folded Namaskar, pranam. She was a different Kanupriya, docile and tamed that day. Soon she found out that the boy was supposed to arrive 3 months later and it’s the parents who came for initial screening. She was half heartedly there, as the happenings were just opposite to what she always imagined for herself. After few questions and scrutinized scanning, they left. She changed and cried, for unknown reason.

And after couple of days, a call came that they would not like to continue with this rishta and the reason is nothing significant, it’s just that she was dusky and her skin was blotchy and rough and won’t be a suitable girl for their son. So far she assumed her duskiness quite attractive, as told by her friends. That was the last thing to expect, though she wasn’t interested in arranged alliance as such, but she didn’t want t come out of a rishta like a loser, at her cost. This incident would imply new masala found in her family to insult her mother. She was her mother’s hero; she can’t afford to be defeated by this circumstance like this.

 She did not sleep through the nights and asked her mom to call them again to set a little meeting with their son when he arrives, with no pressure. His Mom agreed since there was nothing to lose, with a no already, to save her face. Their son was coming to Agra after 3 months after a week’s assignment in Goa.

3 Months later
In Goa, on that white beach, early morning, a damsel wearing white dress, a wooden bracelet, with black wet hair, and smoky eyes was emerging out of the tides towards, Kabeer.  Kabeer could not believe himself and his mouth was wide open and eyes too.

Second Day

“Kyra, come fast, we are getting late for the show”, yelled a girl.

So her name is Kyra, on a swing enjoying herself .

He stood fascinated, she moved towards another girl, standing behind him with a group. She looked back, grinned, and disappeared with the group.

Kabeer stood spellbound, that lovely damsel, Kyra’s presence was hypnotic. He was head over heels over this dusky diva, he being so bored of watching white lack luster skin.

He rushed for the Lakme Fashion show where he was the manager called to hand over one of the awards.
He was sitting in the front row and could not believe his eyes over his fate. Kyra was walking the ramp in a lemon swim wear and her irresistible bronze glistening skin was inviting. All he wanted to have   Kyra and him escape. He felt like a teenager in awe of a beautiful teacher, but all he could do to admire her flawless raw beauty.

“And the award for the most beautiful skin goes to contestant no. 13, Ms. Kyra “, they announced.

He collected himself and with few flowers and the award and cape, it was destiny that he was awarding his muse. At the end of the show, not to miss this lifetime opportunity,
, he approached her while she was taking her break alone on a chair.

In a shell containing a solitaire ring, he was on his knees, in front of Kyra. “Kyra, the most beautiful girl, the diva destined to meet me; a mermaid emerged out of the ocean just for me, born for me. Please marry me. “

As if Kyra knew it, she grinned and in a nod, the ring was on her finger with a lip lock. She said yes and later put a gift on his hand, this packet is for your Mom, Kabeer.

That gift was of, a Lakme Sun expert pack, with a note ….

Sending some sunshine for you, Mom in law – from Kanupriya aka Kyra, the girl with the most beautiful skin.

This story is written to contribute for the Lakme Indiblogger Contest ( . I Love Lakme personally giving every woman a chance to be a diva with a remarkable SPF 50.

May 18, 2012

Those Nine Months & Genie

Internet is fun
You have got twins! Radiologist announced to me and my husband, the result of my first ultrasound. As glamorized in films, in real life, we didn’t dance and gifted the Radiologist with my necklace with joy immediately, but we were pleasantly surprised, bewildered, stunned for a moment. Mixed feelings of joy, surprise and apprehensions, of having two babies together flooded our inexperienced minds towards parenthood. This twins word spread in family through various Oooh Aahhs, wow, jackpot, OMG and all sorts of exclamatory comments.
At that point of time, me and my husband were working together on the same project in an IT company, my role was crucial as a technical architect. I had to put a hold to my work as our doctor prescribed me complete bed rest, leave the job and to remain in lying position 95% of the time, even sitting was not allowed except food time.
A 360 degrees transformation was needed to our lifestyle. A girl outdoor needed to be confined to total indoors. Before, I was hooked to web surfing in office, googling, reading, wanderings, mailing etc., facebook was not born then.  Me and my husband used to chat with each other while sitting next to each other, pretending working. Brisk walking, savoring various eateries in the city, catching up with new movies, all that enthralled was to put on hold.

With this complete bed rest, I bought some CDs, but prolonged TV and screen watching was banned by elders while expecting and prolonged reading too. Using a laptop meant carrying the weight in sitting posture and screen so that was completely out of question. It was difficult to stay silent and disconnected from the network which an IT girl is used to usually and to discover new ways to cope up with while on bed rest.

 While my husband used to go to office, I kept waiting for him, eagerly. Relatives visited occasionally and briefly. I called and scooped my all friends’ ears with my long duration calls. But this also got ineffective, as working friends can’t afford to invest time everyday just talking, occasional nice talking is fine. My poor beloved was working hard to keep me entertained. I used to ponder staring at wall sometimes, imagining my children’s faces etc. But this caged life used to get on my nerves at times and I used to nag, blame and crib with my husband, for he was a free bird and I was caged, huffing and puking.

He hunted for a genie to keep me engaged and genie appeared as my birthday gift under my pillow. A latest mobile phone with Internet, fully loaded with all the apps. Carrying laptop needed me sitting which was banned, so with mobile phone, all these clauses were not applicable.

I could play games, solve puzzles, play word games, watch videos, listen to songs and listen to calming Buddha chanting to let me sleep; all this was made possible in lying pose. I used to love getting high score in a game Bejeweled Deluxe and competing with online players. Also, I could check my mails and connect with my friends, which opened a new world for me to be social even after limitations.
The thrill of getting a high score in a game, kept me playful and games make you feel a child again, being in now and being happy. The internet aided mobile was a wonderful lease of happy life while expecting. I could check mails and discuss the project we were working on with my husband, thus enthused a sense of being worthy, significant and still in game. The thoughts of getting cut off suddenly from you world usually causes depression so this phone emerged as a savior friend. The caged bird got her wings to fly with joy.
 Today when I see my 5 years old twins solving puzzles, playing games themselves, squeezing all the uses of Internet exhilarate me. They are born geeks and I owe this to Internet for a joyous pregnancy. The caged bird got her wings with that little but special gift. Internet on mobile was my mate through those special and most important nine months of my life. So no other fun can beat that.

This post is my contribution to the Internet is Fun On Vodafone Contest. More details in here

May 8, 2012

What’s your Legacy?

What is our legacy for our children…Material or Memories?

Childhood stays as the most cherished and beautiful phase in anyone’s life. What our kids would reminisce most about their childhood? How our kids would remember us eventually? Let us take a moment to ask ourselves and reflect?
We are struggling day and night for securing a better future for our children. In the process of facilitating them a luxurious lifestyle, pacing up with peer pressure, somewhere, life itself is getting missed.

Your children need your presence more than your presents. ~Jesse Jackson

The early years are the formative years, casting an impression of living a life. Are we setting the right example? These formative years develop a strong foundation of a kid, cultivate into an emotionally secure human being. So the involvement and the attention required from the parents is the most in these years. When we remember our childhood, the most endearing moments are our happy times with our parents…Hence the most precious thing we can give to our children is our time...quality time. We are sacrificing the together time fulfilling the demands of our children with their favorite branded toys, gadgets, video games. Of course high life, better education and secure future is important but where is the limit? Parents are the school for life for children. If we are mentally absent translating our love with material assets, we might not be their idols, friendly mentors than just being their financiers. The balance is important to maintain and actually live a quality life.

As somebody has profoundly quoted:

To be in your children's memories tomorrow, you have to be in their lives today. Anonymous

Life is unpredictable, and for any reason, we leave this world earlier than expected, then all memories our child is left behind with is the time we have spent with them and developed long lasting memoirs.
Shower your love, and valuable time to let them miss your absence even when you are alive and away. For some grownup teenagers, parents are just walking ATMs, and it’s not merely their fault.
It’s a choice to make, be their financier or be their lifelong mentor, friend and a loved parent. It’s time to get mentally, emotionally and physically involved with your child, sculpting your tomorrow. That’s the best investment in your kid’s future and one step ahead towards Holistic parenting.

May 7, 2012

My True Story Published

Do you have a brother?

I find it very difficult to answer this question today when being asked "Do you have a brother". Please read my true story published in Womesweb magazine at the following link and your comments, resonance stay valuable to the core.

Value each breath with your beloveds...- Meenaxi

The Blogger Award Goes To Me ? :)

Celebrating My Award Night !

Once upon a time, I was travelling in time on the journey of writing and hunting for a launch pad...and in my lap,
my fellow blogger Saher shows me a ray of light with bestowing an award for my blog, what more can I ask for. Finding resonance and kindness reflects the goodness is still there and so is the appreciation of art. Thanks Saher. I enjoy reading your blog ... , for being sour and sweet and  simple. Keep writing, Life stance has promising substance and is versatile not being a usual diarrhea of everyday happenings.You have an eye for humor.

Time for fulfilling the ritual:
A.      Thank the person who nominated you.
B.      Post a picture of the award on your blog.
C.      Share 7 random thoughts about yourself.
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Few random thoughts about me..
.I love rich Mom made Paranthas loaded with butter and with a hot cup of Masala tea. Its divine and reduces calories of stress.
NCR seems nationality confused region to me. Sometimes I find myself virtually in NYC being in ambience mall, Gurgaon.
I love my kids and don't care if people think I am obsessed. 
I am proudly possessed and celebrate motherhood as very special blessing.
There should be an expiry date to dresses after wearing them once.
Poetry is the life line of society and who says poets are broke. They are broken.
I wonder why schools are in such a hurry to commence?
I nominate the following bloggers deserving the award, there may be many but me being very recent indiblogger could find these blogs:-