April 27, 2006

Constant Change

Intact Roots

Change is life,
The course of life everyday,
All things change,
We change with them all days.

Remember that you can change,

Your friends and foes, not parents;
Your exam-marks, not talents;

You can change your teacher, not your brain;
Let the bad habits change and inner strength remain

Change you can your ambitions but be brave;

Change you can your life-styles but behave!

Change your opinions; keep to your principles;
Change your attitudes, keep to your noblesse
Change your leaves; keep intact your roots,
Change your life for good, to collect the fruits

Remember that
You can change your thinking, not your soul,
Change with current times, Move ahead with a goal
Get hold of change, Let it not go out of control
Stay Grounded first and then Move,
Your life be a Rock N’ Roll

You can change your hair color, not your skin;
Show off wont help, Change comes from within,

Change is constant, Change is accelerant
It takes sweat and courage to be compliant
So do not change just for the sake of Change
Think, Assess and then Change...

April 21, 2006

The Rain

The Rain

You are walking aimless,
And there is darkness all around you,
Oh Explorer, hold my hand
I will be your Ray of Light,

Life is a dry desert
And those cruel dust storms shaking you
Oh Wanderer, dance with me
I will be your Rain

You are an abandoned cloud,
Puffy, barren and tired
Oh Floater, Rest on me
I will be your Earth

Its cold and you are blue
Oh Stranger, smile with me
I will be your warm shelter

Its dull and you are gloomy,
Life is a lackluster and there is no cheer,
Oh Painter, get filled with my mystery of colors,
I will be your bright Sunflower

Who Am I?
The Light, the Mentor,
The Rain, the Lover,
The Earth, the Mother
The Shelter, the Sister
The Flower, the Daughter
I am a Giver as Nature
I am the Woman.
And Am Proud to be one…

The Mother

Oh Mother

Oh Mother, Oh Mama,
You gave me birth and brought me on this earth,
You taught me to speak, learn and live,

Your time had no dearth
You gave me a beautiful life to be worth,
You gave away yourself and never said a word,
All for me, just for me,

Made me feel like a free bird.

You stitched the frills of my fancy frock,
All through the cold night
Just to see your child in the school show,
Happy and Bright

You sacrificed your strongest wishes,
Just to see a smile on my face,
You buried your youth ambitions
Just to see me on top in the race

You did so much and I never knew,
As I thought that’s what mothers are supposed to do
There can never be breakups, divorces, just blind faith sailing through
I always took you for granted, never tried to thank you

Today, on Mother’s day, I thank GOD
Who blessed me with a ma like you,
All I want is to make your deepest wishes come true,
To heal all those wounds, you have gone through,
To relive you, the way you wanted to,
My being, I owe it to you,
I wish, I can live up to you

You are my strength, my GOD and Guru,
Your love is selfless, limitless, so pure and true
And that’s why Ma, I will always love you

Painful Night

Painful Night

The night was painful,
leaving me numb,
Life seems a vacuum,
A Burden, my being has Become ,

Living it seems worthless,
The heart is aching
my existence is shaking,
Words seem baseless, an excess

For whom I live,
The one I love,
Wants me to go away,
Out of his life, far away.

All I needed
Your shoulder to rest upon
to find a shelter in your heart
for this life and further on...

April 20, 2006

Have Heart

Have Heart

Life is all about reaching out
To People, to Heights, to Dreams
Have Heart….

Life is also about sweat, blood, mishaps and despair
Have Heart to courageously walk on that rope mid-air

Life is also about stressed weekends, hangovers, fights, credit overflows, showing off, so much rushing, pretense and yet emptiness with in

Have Heart for simplicity, gifts of nature, sunsets, cool breeze, simple togetherness, a cup of tea, melody and feel peace with in

Life is also about insecurity, corruption and fear
Have heart to compete healthily, believe and growing together dear

Life is mostly about unfulfilled desires, inhibitions and unexpressed emotions
Have heart to be open to expressions, to break free, to compassion and celebrations

Life is also about anger, loneliness and ignorance
Have heart for friends, good books, sports and dance

Life is sometimes about accolades, fans and awards
Have heart to stay grounded, feel happy and move on

Life is also about blaming destiny, cribbing in present and tensions of future
Have heart to assign past to destiny, to enjoy the uncertainty, be happy, being happy is your nature

Life is also about monotony, rigidity and vacuums
Have heart to change each day, experiment and take it as it comes

Life is much much more
All you need is to have heart.

Meenu's Poetry Corner

"Writers are very vulnerable people,
for by the act of writing they allow
their deepest selves to be shared,
to be applauded or mocked,
by whoever can locate a copy of their books."

Keep Walking…

I feel alone and wounded,
Doors closed, darkness all around
Those yelling dogs, ready to pounce on me,
And that biting chill killing me

I am tired today and ready to sleep,
Yes, I am so ready to have that enduring sleep,
Never to laugh, never to weep
Yes, I feel so ready to undress
From this equipment, The human body
To fly, to be free from this custody

I have been walking for long,
With a bag of tears, blood, love, mishaps and pain
Only to realize, it was all in vain
I have seen it all in this chronicle,
Rags to rich, youth to wrinkle
It's all the same, just a vacuum inside
Yes I am tired of being humane enough

Sometimes, I feel like running away
Can't escape as I know
I have a long long way to go,
Before I say goodbye to all I know

My legs are aching
But there is something subtle
keeps me walking, the survival calling,
That force making me a rock inside
Nothing can break me
Nothing can shake me
Yes that force is my strength
The strength of my soul
The power of my being

Oh life, come on,
Slap me on my face
I have the strength to smile again