April 23, 2012

The Difference...

Colors of the rainbow
Enchanting, to be painted and preserved
Same colors glistening
On a drop of morning dew
To be ignored and trampled

Happy Birthday Abha

Have you ever got red rose from a teacher ?

Happy Birthday Abha Ma'm

A usual morning, defined affair
Freezing fingers, shivers and winter
Behind the table, she stood there
Biting cold all over, an impersonal atmosphere
She did something,
A blanket of warmth everywhere
A fresh Red Rose for every chair
With dew on it, I held it dear
Love effervescence, from a fleeting teacher
It was not fair, It was not fair

A wish for a beautiful and long life for dear Abha Ma'm 

With Love

April 2, 2012


This post is written to follow the theme of experience with ‘Encountering the Other in Language / Place’ on the BluePrintReview Blog carnival(http://www.blueprintreview.de/lapjoin.htm), emphasizing on the other, and in the process of seeking, a different perspective evoked where the other-ness could not be found.

Picture credits - From Freedom Collection on Favim.com

Where do I belong?
What place, what language?
What is foreign to me?

I am here
Always was,
I am ancient
I was a volcano, a boulder
A fish, a sparrow or a squirrel
Today, I am a girl

You make me bow
Attach me with a custom God
Fence me, limit me
Introduce me to fear
Free me, let me fly
I am a cloud
A rootless, homeless floater
Of no shape, no race, no color
I just change, stay forever

Don’t tie me
With your sacred thread
No sprinkling of holy water
From the purest world
I have emerged
Been tied to the strongest
Chord of umbilical
Into the holiest water of the womb, I have immersed
I am pure as a prayer

I have traveled
From nothing to nothing
Everything to everything
To commune and consummate
I will be here, never dissipate

I exist, raw, pure and divine
What’s there to define?
I am eternal, you can’t confine
What could be foreign to me, you opine
The colors of the flame emanating from your pyre
Would be same as mine