July 2, 2013


What is Te Aroha?
Just another resort in Hills, well the answer is no.Beauty, luxury, aesthetics, modern amenities, soulful experience,a perfect combo offering all this...
Te Aroha, is not just a resort but a pristine poem inked in hues of flowers, written in the lap of Himalayas rhymed on the music of rain and chirping birds  sung with clouds  dancing around..... simply breathtaking

Where is Te Aroha?

Feeling is the best memoir…and I had the opportunity to have a memoir there at Te AROHA..a boutique resort in Dhanachauli
located at an altitude of 2300 m with picturesque views of the surrounding Himalayan mountain ranges and valleys

A perfect refuge away from urban hum drums especially for romantics and artisans seeking solitude and tranquility, for a complete soulful experience.

Why Te Aroha Unique?

The flora and fauna, thoughtfully placed choicest pots in marble,terracotta and lime pots, some shaped as frogs, or folded hands in the steps seems like a red carpet to a pristine space. The creator and chairman, Sumant Batra has put his sheer artistry, appreciation for nature, art, literature through this labor of love, which originally was his summer house.

Beautiful arrangements of flowers are floated around spreading joy, colors  and then while you are walking on the steps or a small turn, you will find apples, pears hanging over you head, too fresh and tempting to resist, its infotainment for urban kids generally over loaded with gadgets.

The corporate lawyer, Sumant Batra creator of this beauty ....and a true gentleman has kept his  eclectic collection which takes you directly to your childhood and youth. Preserving the past so elegantly be it comics, matchboxes, typewriter, kettles or movie posters, sewing machines or Machine ke tel ki kuppi all that has a charm enthusing a sense of belonging there.

It’s a place to make a connection with universe, peaceful serene and beautiful.

Quality of service
The staff is so prompt in service and always smiling, it was raining cats and dogs still a young smiling handsome boy came with an endearing smile and tray of hot pakodas and grilled sandwiches and lot of warmth.

Romantic Rooms
Now the rooms, where every nook and corner is tastefully decorated and every artifact is placed with a romantic sensibilities. Generally rooms in good hotels are neatly and beautifully arranged but this one had the personal touch reflecting the aesthetic sensibilities of the creator…be it the bed or the smallest item as matchbox…designed uniquely beautiful.
I found a table to keep knick knacks which was actually a musical instrument turned into a table which kept my 5 year old daughters intrigued, creatively engaged when they tried palying it producing various sounds. The room key did not have a number but the name MORNING SUN. How hopeful is that!

The restaurant offers sumptuous and fresh food and healthy delicacies.
The library possesses eclectic collection of books, coffee table books standing right in the middle. The prime attraction for kids and adults was the recreation hall, erected on the top with wide and clear view of the valley and landscape around and enough indoor games for all age groups. My daughters loved the antique swings and antique collection.