January 31, 2012

To stay LATESHT...

I often hear about these...
Rock music is the current hip thing with Gen Y
Exchanging password with BFF is to express affection for Gen i
Slings are in for chicks belonging to Gen X

Forced me to think,which generation I belong to...I settle for Gen Z the last alphabet to stay latesht with the Zing factor...

Which generation you belong to?

January 25, 2012

The Silent Storm

A confession by pregnant prostitute, on aborting her unborn daughter (female foeticide)

I fought a battle,
To find some earth
For you to flower,
Of blossom and Spring I dreamt
Feeling your tender seedlings

Wounds, blood and Abuse
With a piece of ground I got
On a cracked soil
And sweat to water
A dry abandoned stem with no soul
No color, no vigor
Why should you grow?

Yes, I chose for
That brutal storm efface you forever
To let you bloom as the beautiful,
Only in my dreams to ponder
Murdered with tears,
By your own mother

© Meenakshi M Singh


I long to have that longing
To be that river flowing
When you were the sun
Me, with your light, golden and gleaming

I long to have that longing
To be that barren land crackling
Me, with your rain, blooming and blossoming

I long to have that longing
To be that abandoned kite
Me, with your strings, reaching, belonging

I long to have .that longing…