May 25, 2012

Lakme Land – Where Every Woman is a Diva

Kyra in Lakme Land – Where Every Woman is a Diva

Beat the heat, bask in sun
With Lakme expert, summers are fun
No worries of tan, only chill with your man
Play at beach, make a party plan

Shake those legs, dance with élan
Sarongs, shades, jute hat and sheen,
Diva is not ready yet, without her lakme sunscreen

Pool and wine,
Happy Sunshine,
Skimpy and sultry, those blushing Cheeks get rosy
With lakme sun expert, even summers are cozy

Sweat at bay, swing and sway
Kyra, Elena having fun in May

Kanupriya, a simple girl hailed from a lower middle class conservative family in Agra. Everyday while going to her school, she dreamt of being a diva, with hidden desires where jaws drop and heads turn for her. Every girl has a Cinderella inside fantasizing to be rescued by a fairy and give her a makeover to find her prince charming.

While she was lost in her Cinderella dreams, her mom yelled at her “Come in kitchen, what will you do in Sasuraal’, the only expectation for being born as a girl.

I will keep servants and cooks Ma, She answered casually. Watching those tourist ladies over the years flooding for Taj, she had this fascination of dressing like them. Obsessed with wearing huge white sunglasses and sarong was such a craving that was etched in her heart like those prayers carved over white pristine marbles in Taj. She pondered over Mumtaaz and Shahjahan story often and her only ambition was to fall in love with a Kingly man and be the princess of his heart.

Kanupriya was a born dancer and any music was irresistible to her feet. She studied and became an IT engineer with her fantasies deep buried in her heart, and as the youth dawned, her mother’s wrinkles got multifold. She lost her father at an early age. Now being financially independent earned her the little liberty with her mother and relatives to lead her preferred lifestyle and fulfill her dreams. Though her mother was conservative, she always listened to Kanupriya’s wishes and her status and respect in the society were the outcome which earned her mother’s conviction and approval.

You are going to be 28 this year, Kanupriya, why are you adamant of doing a love marriage, If you want it your way, Please fall in love fast, find some guy in your surroundings, or let me ask our relatives to bring you suitors…these were constant from mother even haunting her in the night. When she is going to find her prince and how? He won’t appear running on a white horse out of nowhere, and in her surroundings, all good guys are no more single. She was stuck in her own web…no ray of light appeared. She used to stay disheartened as she always was reluctant of those typical arranged marriages. But her mother was after her life due to societal pressure and finally she gave up. She agreed to meet the best out of the list of offers her mother shortlisted with her sheer hard work and network.

That was the day, Kanupriya was nervous, dressing up, trying to look her ever best and groomed. She helped Mom in cleaning and keeping the house spick and span and as everybody recommend she wore a sky blue saree, the first ever saree, she felt uncomfortable. She looked into the mirror, she was not convinced but she had no choice and time left. The scene was set, they sat, awaited her and then she arrived greeting everybody with folded Namaskar, pranam. She was a different Kanupriya, docile and tamed that day. Soon she found out that the boy was supposed to arrive 3 months later and it’s the parents who came for initial screening. She was half heartedly there, as the happenings were just opposite to what she always imagined for herself. After few questions and scrutinized scanning, they left. She changed and cried, for unknown reason.

And after couple of days, a call came that they would not like to continue with this rishta and the reason is nothing significant, it’s just that she was dusky and her skin was blotchy and rough and won’t be a suitable girl for their son. So far she assumed her duskiness quite attractive, as told by her friends. That was the last thing to expect, though she wasn’t interested in arranged alliance as such, but she didn’t want t come out of a rishta like a loser, at her cost. This incident would imply new masala found in her family to insult her mother. She was her mother’s hero; she can’t afford to be defeated by this circumstance like this.

 She did not sleep through the nights and asked her mom to call them again to set a little meeting with their son when he arrives, with no pressure. His Mom agreed since there was nothing to lose, with a no already, to save her face. Their son was coming to Agra after 3 months after a week’s assignment in Goa.

3 Months later
In Goa, on that white beach, early morning, a damsel wearing white dress, a wooden bracelet, with black wet hair, and smoky eyes was emerging out of the tides towards, Kabeer.  Kabeer could not believe himself and his mouth was wide open and eyes too.

Second Day

“Kyra, come fast, we are getting late for the show”, yelled a girl.

So her name is Kyra, on a swing enjoying herself .

He stood fascinated, she moved towards another girl, standing behind him with a group. She looked back, grinned, and disappeared with the group.

Kabeer stood spellbound, that lovely damsel, Kyra’s presence was hypnotic. He was head over heels over this dusky diva, he being so bored of watching white lack luster skin.

He rushed for the Lakme Fashion show where he was the manager called to hand over one of the awards.
He was sitting in the front row and could not believe his eyes over his fate. Kyra was walking the ramp in a lemon swim wear and her irresistible bronze glistening skin was inviting. All he wanted to have   Kyra and him escape. He felt like a teenager in awe of a beautiful teacher, but all he could do to admire her flawless raw beauty.

“And the award for the most beautiful skin goes to contestant no. 13, Ms. Kyra “, they announced.

He collected himself and with few flowers and the award and cape, it was destiny that he was awarding his muse. At the end of the show, not to miss this lifetime opportunity,
, he approached her while she was taking her break alone on a chair.

In a shell containing a solitaire ring, he was on his knees, in front of Kyra. “Kyra, the most beautiful girl, the diva destined to meet me; a mermaid emerged out of the ocean just for me, born for me. Please marry me. “

As if Kyra knew it, she grinned and in a nod, the ring was on her finger with a lip lock. She said yes and later put a gift on his hand, this packet is for your Mom, Kabeer.

That gift was of, a Lakme Sun expert pack, with a note ….

Sending some sunshine for you, Mom in law – from Kanupriya aka Kyra, the girl with the most beautiful skin.

This story is written to contribute for the Lakme Indiblogger Contest ( . I Love Lakme personally giving every woman a chance to be a diva with a remarkable SPF 50.


  1. Great story!! really liked it.. the ending is super :)

    All the best for the contest!

  2. Great! Loved the fact that you kept Kyra dusky. This obsession with fair skin has been a bugbear for me

    1. We as writers are implicitly responsible for our belief and actions in society! so wherever we can we should...Thanks!

  3. I ditto Suresh! It was such a relief:) A nice story wonderfully presented..! All the best Meenaxi:)

    1. Thanks Amit Ji! I also enjoy reading your work...