November 2, 2012

Motherhood: A Song For Life

Motherhood: A Song For Life

Have you ever felt GOD being there with you in person? Yes, you might have felt….at some moment in your life…….. in your mother.The most special and loved human being who is responsible for existence of humankind on this earth, the MOTHER and I believe being a mother is just a miracle happened.Motherhood is divine, completes a woman within, being a mother makes you wiser, mature and enables you to discover the limitless possibilities within you.

Here I share my motherhood journey through few words.


Journey of transformation from being selfish to selfless

I was an ambitious woman, feminist and always in competitive mode, pacing to win the race unknown. During my bedrest in the expecting months, I relaxed, took a breath and first time ever in my life realized the beauty of rest and happiness. Earlier,I consciously remember there was something on the agenda always to be worked for and achieve and win, pretty much happening in everybody's life. So embarking motherhood gave me a chance to breath and relax, and take it easy.

It was the day of April's fool, when I got the test positive and an affirmation of a new journey unfolding, the same day brought me a promotion at work.

I watched the movie Guru and went for an ultrasound, the result showed that I will be having twins....the first in entire clan....and when I revealed this to my family, the responses were really dramatic, priceless and of them said Oh My God!, how?????

I was expecting twins and used to imagine and wonder and wrote the following poem for my angels to come...

A Welcome Note for my babies before they were born

Oh my dear lil' angels

I am waiting....

To have you in my lap
To hold you, caress you
To see your smile
To admire it for that while
I am curious....

To know you are boys or girls
You have silky black hair or brown shiny curls
To see your face
To take you in my embrace

I imagine...

You smiling and crawling
Calling me Mama and talking
Your lil' hands and feet in a wrap
You sleeping cozily in my lap

You playing with your sweet Papa
Him singing songs and you going ga ga
You on his shoulders, asking for toys
He calling you beta, his eyes filled with joys

Oh my dear babies

Its still three and half months to go
So lets gear up, its time for you to grow
Your mom is showing up with a new glow
Waiting, for her love to bestow

Come, my sweet little cutie pies
May GOD bless you with everything under the sky?
I am sure you will strengthen our family ties
You are my angels, GOD himself coming to my home in disguise

Self to Selfless Journey

Motherhood is the only pain for which u will never complain….

Motherhood changes your life 360 degrees but I must tell that you will be the happiest person even after exhaustion.

You will start to laugh, a laughter which is heartfelt which you might not have since so many years, you laugh when you hear those baby giggles coming from the tummy, you will become the most creative and naughty child when you play with those curious angels, you will become a comedian when you make silly faces and do drop things to entertain, you will bring out the best understanding teacher when you try to make your baby learn the stuff by fun. You obtain all the degrees and draw all the talents in yourself and become much more as a human being after being a parent. You will do sacrifices, forget about your sleep, food, entertainment, privacy anything important to you earlier before parenthood, you will be ready to give it all away for your child with a smile. It a natural phenomenon, a journey from being self oriented to being selfless. I would say any academic degree can not upgrade you so much than being a parent. You obtain or try hard to be the most patient, most giving, and most responsible human being without any tutorial or passing exams.

Before being a mother, I used to best dressed, with manicured nails, neat hair cut, glowing face and still be cautious about my looks. I must tell you there were days in the first year of Mihikaa and Maansi when I could not get time or energy to comb my hair in two days and the only attire in the first 8 months was the feeding gown I used to be in to be ready to serve my dolls. It was after 2 years and 4 months when we watched the first movie “3 Idiots” in theater along with our kids and cherished good old days of popcorn, holding hands etc. It was only after 6 months that we went to dine out formally and it proved to be a disaster as it led us to take one kid outside and have meals alone on the table.  But there is satisfaction, of being worth, being accomplished, being happy to see kids growing, and the most genuine joy of being a mother.

A tribute to my twin daughters Mihikaa & Maansi

As a mother

You are born
As a baby
I am born
As a Mother

You needed Care
Your mother to be there
I grew responsible
I had you to share

You were naughty
Always wanted me to play
I relived as a child
To stay Happy Everyday

You wanted me to teach u craft
Brought my talent out in art
You wanted me to dance
My deep rooted hobby, u gave me a chance

You wanted all my time with passion
I gave away myself to you
Forgot all worries & tension
You wanted to go out & play
I got loving friends everyday

You got attractive and received people’s grins
I was known by you as a mother of twins
You wanted to go out and play
I got new society friends to meet everyday

I owe this peace and happiness to you
Our home full of laughter and giggles all through
You are my lifetime friend and your love is true
I want to bestow all my love and GOD be with you

You are growing everyday
Being a child to a girl
I am growing everyday
Being a woman to a mother

I never ever felt as special and important as after being a mother. The baby’s eyes searching you, the solace in your lap, the comfort baby feels while latched on you is something which can not be expressed in words. You might not be someone valued earlier but you mean the world to your baby. It gives you such a high and makes you more responsible and patient human being. Yes any mother would do what mother India did in the movie. It your rebirth as a better human being with humane values.

Its not the case that you start feeling committed, attached and in love with the baby instantly after having the baby in your lap, its not the love at first sight, the love , the attachment is gradual.
As the baby grows, you also grow as the baby’s mother and you both develop attachment, the difference is baby expresses it once knowing the language you understands. 

Thanks for making me your Mother

I had everybody
Still Never felt so complete
I had everything
Still never felt so content

It’s strange that
You made me to do what I can not imagine
You made me to quit my job
You made me to be awake days and night
You made me to look shapeless
You made me to be at home and tired

And You made me to love all this

You made me to feel beautiful
You made me to feel so much love
You made me so responsible
You made me to understand the value of relations

You made me so much
Yes, I am so thankful to GOD
You made me to be your mother

And at last would share:

Your children are not your children.
They are the sons and daughters of Life's longing for itself.
They come through you but not from you,
and though they are with you, yet they belong not to you.
You may give them your love, but not your thoughts.
For they have their own thoughts.
You may house their bodies but not their souls,
for their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow,
which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams.
You may strive to be like them, but seek not to make them like you.
For life goes not backward, nor tarries with yesterday.
--Kahlil Gibran

My journey of motherhood transformed me to be a better human being, laugh wholeheartedly, to understand the unconditional love, to nurture and to enjoy each moment and made me a crisis manager, and the promotion to CHO -  Chief Happiness Officer at home :) I became a mother and I am loving it...the best thing happened ever....and to top it all, I could pursue my buried passion...writing and reading and walk on the road less traveled( you were the reason I felt like expressing and writing) empowered live life with heart.

This post was to share few glimpses of my journey to motherhood..for the contest..


  1. Wonderful! To read each story of motherhood is so interesting. And with twins it is double everything that comes with motherhood! :) kudos to you.. and loads of love to your twins.

  2. Oh thanks Sirisha for your kind words