September 8, 2012

Soak No More

Soak No More

Into Grudges, soak no more
Coz’ they leave stains
That everlasting pain
Let those go off
Down the drain

Treasure love
Hatred is not to store
Choose kindness, hurt no more

As Surf excel matic ,
Penetrate every molecule of jealousy
Then laugh aloud, with open pores
Reach out, go and help
Let the spots of wounds vanish
From ages you bore
In your ego, soak no more

Wash off that dust and dirt
Forgiving, is the only detergent
Laugh and live, forgiving is therapeutic
As the noble effect of surf excel matic
Into grudges, soak no more

This post is written to enhance and elevate life force with power of following forgive and forget policy and for the contest "Soak no more" on Indiblogger and if you like this, please vote for it here on this link  . Thanks and kudos to brand of surf being synonymous with the word detergent.

In the era of 1980-2000, in middle class northern Indian families, surf was the answer for any cleaning needs ranging from floors, bathroom tiles, utensils, clothes, decorative flowers, etc. And who said, "detergent????, I remember ki beta surf dena.....and surf has come a long way now being surf excel matic and washing off those tough stains without hours of soaking into a fun activity. Also its serving a social cause of being unbiased to gender specific activity where soaking, washing etc. was a strenuous chore for women earlier, now with its advent even men enjoy putting clothes into w/m with a scoop of surf excel matic and taking pride in finishing a household chore. Empowered society....I guess and smile.


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