March 8, 2017

Women's day

I choose this day of “Happy Women’s day” especially to express my gratitude and love for the “MEN” as I believe this beautiful collaboration of equals i.e masculine and feminine can make this world a better place. Shiva&Shakti.
I am a feminist. Being a feminist, feminism means equality to me. I do not seek any bias towards a particular gender as both are important. I truly respect and value the role of men and how both genders complement each other equally. Although, I do feel that at times the woman or girl child needs that extra support to be celebrated and accepted as equals. In the Indian context, for that to happen, we still need to elevate our consciousness.
And yes, there is more sensation than sensitization in our society with regard to the true spirit of feminism. I do not find it right that women are imitating men to prove equal to them. It’s not the correct approach to emulate their dress or life style. That doesn’t prove anything other than allowing and acknowledging the stereotype. There are some inherent qualities in both genders, and one can progress embracing those qualities, working in tandem rather than stereotyping the role of one gender. Both can co-exist and collaborate beautifully with respect for each other.
As Anais Nin quotes on the power of hers:
“I, with a deeper instinct, choose a man who compels my strength, who makes enormous demands on me, who does not doubt my courage or my toughness, who does not believe me naïve or innocent, who has the courage to treat me like a woman.”
So the aim is to be a happy, regardless of days and gender.

January 10, 2017

And She kept dying happily everafter

I write to die,
To die after pouring life on the paper,
To let the creation be alive
And float, stay or fly
It’s a process of consumption
Emotion, resurrection, consummation
But I get reborn, anew, lighter
It’s a compulsive murder
Killing of the wrath or exuberant joy
A constant tussle between the heart and the pen
The pen pulling out the words like mining something
 It’s a fight and my being looks forward to this struggle
To get churned, and after it flows entirely
I feel dead, neutral as if
That poem never belonged to me
I forget the words
And read it like a narrator reciting someone else’s words
I belong till its birth
And cut off the umbilical just after it
The baby gets raised in other nests
Other hearts
And I enjoy to die
And my epitaph says

And she kept dying happily everafter

October 4, 2016

My Views On " A Forgotten Affair"

“Did you try love?” Kanchana Banerjee’s novel “A Forgotten affair” brings this question to the fore so beautifully and so enigmatically. Isn’t this trial, the very basis of leading a happy life? Trying love than anything else and how that becomes the anchor of your life! The pivot to which you can hold upon when all is gone.

“Sometimes…you need to forget everything to recognize what matters most”, quotes the author.

I really enjoyed reading this book, the setting based in my beloved city Gurgaon and it’s a woman centric story of finding oneself. I liked the end very much which states the choice of a woman and really respect the writer for that ending than having a fairy tale ending of uniting with love. This book, though based on marriage and love offers more than that. There were moments of reflection, self discovery and the purpose of one’s being. Also how it highlights the narcissism of a man and dynamics of marriage. Loved the subtle, poetic scenes weaved beautifully and how it highlights the beauty of rain, flowers and simple precious things. Keep shining Kanchana and I look forward to reading your work more.

September 27, 2016


I was born as an unwanted guest, a failed attempt for a son. Son came after as my little brother but destiny meant it otherwise. We lost him after 17 years. We all learnt our lessons, grew stronger emotionally but still mostly on Rakhi days, I kept waiting for the so called brothers in relation to tie my Rakhi and eventually overcame that wait too but somewhere that void remains.

I got blessed by twin daughters. When they were around 6 months old, one of the old lady saw the pram with two babies and asked, “Congratulations, they are twins?”
“Yes, aunty”.
"A Boy and a girl!"
One of my daughter had less hair and extra chubby at that time.
“No aunty, both girls”.
“Oh!”….she paused. Her spark fizzled out. “Anyways beta, both are Lakshmis”, She said in a tone consoling me.
I was quiet, dumbfounded and extremely angry.
Another day, there was another old lady in neighbour, she just grabbed my hand one day and insistingly said,” I wanted to say something to you. You are like my daughter.”
Yes aunty, I answered with whole heart.
“Beta, you are young, not working now. You must go for a son. After all the sisters would need a brother to tie their rakhis.” She gave me her golden advice.
I lost it then. I told that aunty specifically that we don’t want sons. We wanted daughters only and it’s a celebration and not a consolation.”
And Rakhi. As a mother I took a decision when they turned four. I feel so good to share that every year onwards, my daughters tie Rakhi to each other with complete rituals defying the need of a gender to follow a tradition of love.
I am happy to break this stereotype, this pattern defined by the patriarchical society that only a boy, the brother is meant to be tied Rakhi being capable of saving the sister. Now a sister will become the strength of another. And it feels so empowering. Let the system get stunned.

"समाज नहीं है ये है डर तेरा
तुझे रखे निर्बल यह पिंजरा
तेरी प्रतिभा ही तेरे पंख हैं
अब उड़ जाछू ले आसमाँ
अब तोड़ दे सब बेड़ियाँ
तू द्रौपदी भीऔर खुद कृष्ण भी
तेरा साहस ही तेरा वस्त्र है
तेरी प्रतिभा ही तेरा अस्त्र है"

मीनाक्षी एम सिंह

PINK is a statement, not just a movie. PINK is a mirror to the society, to show the bias to men and women in the society. PINK is not new, but has a fresh way of satire on the men still stuck in gauging the character of a woman through her dress or food/drink habits.PINK is a chapter to educate the boys to understand that “NO” being said by a girl. No means NO, period. NO is a sentence, not just a word.NO also educates girls to not shy away to admit of their likes/desires in public but claim their equal rights to live freely in the society. PINK empowers a woman to lead a lifestyle she wants, the clothes she wears or the drink she chooses.

I must congratulate Mr. Amitabh Bacchan to be the potent medium to bring forward this powerful performance for such a cause. It’s a milestone in his career, his legacy. That special scene wherein he quotes that “Poor boys, who get provoked and excited by the dress choices by girls, we must save the poor boys. If a girl smiles and talks to them in courteous manner, it’s hint for them of her loose character.” It’s a slap with humor and wit on the patriarchal society.

Though it’s just a movie, but if it could change the thinking of even 10 men or empower 10 women, it’s worth it. It’s coming from the same Bollywood where woman gets objectified or songs are made on her and she is just her body parts. This change is commendable and shows a sign of growth.

Most important, what stored and stayed is woman to woman compassion. How the three friends stuck together and stood for each other in the most adverse times. Normally, out of fear, humiliation, it’s difficult to withstand due to taboos in the society.

I really feel that more than men, it’s the women who need to change their consciousness. They don’t need to accept the subjugation instead stand up for each other. This woman to woman sadistic revengeful attitude or unnecessary rivalry is killing our society esxpecially in domestic context. If one woman rejoices for another woman’ freedom and empowerment then things could change for better. In the name of culture, moral values, the senior women fear change in the generation and feel that everything would be harmonius if the pattern is followed. It’s time to change the patterns. It’s time to claim the freedom. It’s time to be a woman and free. It’s time to wear PINK and be PROUD.

January 7, 2016

#1BookRead #100BooksPact2016 #FlightofHilsa

Meenakshi M Singh #1BookRead #100BooksPact2016 #FlightofHilsa

A satiating and beautiful read with the hangover.
Flight of Hilsa evokes the Hilsa within the reader in pursuit of purpose and happiness in one’s life.
Bringing forward the truth about love, be it with a lover, parents, friend or with life, weaved beautifully through the journey of Avantika, the protagonist , reader is compelled to introspect. “It’s easy to be Kabir than Buddha” pushed me to think and the “basis of love is Faith” is so reassuring.
Also it’s a story of an artist who faces the dilemma of choosing the path of heart or what the world preaches, to get tamed, a conflict between the idealism and materialism. Any artist can resonate and relate to the life story of Avantika and it builds the belief on staying true to the heart and earning love than sheer material.
Loved the mystic, romantic and philosophic exchange between the Captain and the woman.
How the story builds the bias strongly about a community and then towards the end breaks it too like a natural phenomenon, very interesting. Like one grows in life with prejudices and then how these melt with experience.
 I started the book on Jan 6, and had to the cancel all the engagements for the day, for the book is an unputdownable one and I kept glued till I journeyed with the protagonist Avantika till 2:00 am. Author’s writing is very descriptive and almost poetic when it comes to describing the splendor and beauty in a context. The most remarkable thing is how a man is able to successfully depict the struggle, the inner turmoil from a girl’s point of view. Amazing ability. Especially the satire and depth in Amit Shankar’s writing is commendable and I have become an admirer all the more of his pen. The poem by Gibran was aptly put and justified the dilemma. A satiating and beautiful read with the hangover. I really look forward to reading more of his work. Thanks.
- Meenakshi M Singh #1BookRead #100BooksPact2016 #FlightofHilsa

September 16, 2013



काश के खून भी पानी जैसा होता 
न जमता , न जलता , न काला पड़ जाता 

काश के खून भी पानी जैसा होता 
उन्माद सा बहता , उमड़ता 
बिना भेद भाव के , बिना रंग राग के 
बस अपने आगोश में ले लेता 
फिर एक रंग हो कर लहरों सा झूमता 

काश के खून भी पानी जैसा होता

- मीनाक्षी

September 14, 2013

Sunlit Hearts - Book Review

Book Title– Sunlit Hearts
Author -  Meenu Mehrotra
Publisher - Vitasta Publishing Pvt Ltd
ISBN - 978-93-80828-78-7
Price -  Rs 295/-
Pages –  238
Genre – Romance
My Rating  - 4 / 5
“ A wound is the place where light enters the heart” -  a quote from the book
Medha, an aspiring writer develops feelings for Nikhil in college but her feelings are not reciprocated. Forced to bury her feelings of true love, Medha agrees to an arranged marriage to Rishi. After sixteen years of sedate and lackluster marriage, she bumps into Nikhil again but this time she is a confident and successful writer and the glamour in her married life is amiss. She could not deny herself getting pulled towards Nikhil and moves with the flow into a passionate relationship with Nikhil. She stands on a threshold where she has to weigh and analyze her feelings as a lover, her loyalties and commitment as a wife, responsibilities and duties as a mother and a daughter. A difficult struggle she undergoes which shook her internally and externally, a tug of war, a tempest too strong to surmount. A woman’s emotions are so aesthetically and profoundly expressed without hinting an opinion of right and wrong, Meenu Mehrotra, the author takes the reader on a deep and intriguing journey of emotions, feelings which stirs the soul and provides an ending on creating peace and beauty with her self.
My Review
A tale of a contemporary woman, discovering herself through topsy turvy journey of love travelling as a one sided lover, a daughter, a wife in an arranged marriage, a mother and then completing the circle by communing with the passionate lover and the ultimate realization, story which covers a 360 degrees reflection of today’s woman.
Medha is portrayed as a daughter and her well being in her marriage is a concern for her father, as a mother of a teenager and the responsibilities to be performed, as a perfect wife for her loving husband, as a lover for her long lost incomplete love, as a friend seeking approval from her friend and above all as a woman who is all of these and carving an identity and wandering for feeling complete within.
I congratulate the author Meenu Mehrotra for portraying her woman character Medha, a contemporary woman with a successful career and a woman brave enough to take her decisions of life despite the stereotypical constraints of society and motherhood. In a typical viewpoint, there is infidelity in marriage that too by an Indian wife but even that is conveyed so beautifully and aesthetically as nothing wrong but a mandatory journey to complete herself and being at peace with herself. It’s a brave attempt and successful too, where like real life, everything is not black and white. The concept of open marriage is brought about and discussed in light and depth between the couples. A wonderful depiction of a woman’s inner thoughts and a brave expression by the writer Meenu Mehrotra who didn’t pollute the love outside marriage with moral rules and where protagonist does not feel guilty for infidelity. I loved travelling with Medha through her journey of discovering herself and connecting the dots towards a soulful marriage.
In the end Medha finds a friend in her husband whom she always craved for and when Medha says coming back to her husband Rishi that “It had taken me sixteen years and a Nikhil to discover him. Rishi and Nikhil, both were a part of my seamless and sacred sky” reflects that Medha does not lessen the importance of her love and feelings for Nikhil as a casual temporary affair but as a needed and important milestone to reach to her destination.
“You never leave someone behind; you take a part of them with you, and leave a part of yourself behind” - A quote from the book
Through her story, a question is provoked in mind about the soul being satiated and happy despite possessing that happy family quotient. Meenu Mehrotra has done a wonderful job by switching to specific viewpoints from the character itself by dwelling into both a man’s psyche as well as woman’s , which comes difficult.
Also I would like to add the story seems very relatable for a Delhite reader with Delhi’s locales and backdrop shown. The locales of NCR are beautified and found a new glamour for the readers since that was the forcing impetus of conflict for Medha being caged in Dubai. The intrigue is maintained so very well that reader gets glued to it, I could not put down the book and finished it all in a night.
The entire journey of hers through travelling and living like a gypsy and coming back home, just like a mirror showed her the beauty lying within and she discovered herself, lost and found woman. I must congratulate the writer for this wonderful novel and look forward to future writing from Meenu Mehrotra.