April 21, 2006

The Mother

Oh Mother

Oh Mother, Oh Mama,
You gave me birth and brought me on this earth,
You taught me to speak, learn and live,

Your time had no dearth
You gave me a beautiful life to be worth,
You gave away yourself and never said a word,
All for me, just for me,

Made me feel like a free bird.

You stitched the frills of my fancy frock,
All through the cold night
Just to see your child in the school show,
Happy and Bright

You sacrificed your strongest wishes,
Just to see a smile on my face,
You buried your youth ambitions
Just to see me on top in the race

You did so much and I never knew,
As I thought that’s what mothers are supposed to do
There can never be breakups, divorces, just blind faith sailing through
I always took you for granted, never tried to thank you

Today, on Mother’s day, I thank GOD
Who blessed me with a ma like you,
All I want is to make your deepest wishes come true,
To heal all those wounds, you have gone through,
To relive you, the way you wanted to,
My being, I owe it to you,
I wish, I can live up to you

You are my strength, my GOD and Guru,
Your love is selfless, limitless, so pure and true
And that’s why Ma, I will always love you

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