April 20, 2006

Have Heart

Have Heart

Life is all about reaching out
To People, to Heights, to Dreams
Have Heart….

Life is also about sweat, blood, mishaps and despair
Have Heart to courageously walk on that rope mid-air

Life is also about stressed weekends, hangovers, fights, credit overflows, showing off, so much rushing, pretense and yet emptiness with in

Have Heart for simplicity, gifts of nature, sunsets, cool breeze, simple togetherness, a cup of tea, melody and feel peace with in

Life is also about insecurity, corruption and fear
Have heart to compete healthily, believe and growing together dear

Life is mostly about unfulfilled desires, inhibitions and unexpressed emotions
Have heart to be open to expressions, to break free, to compassion and celebrations

Life is also about anger, loneliness and ignorance
Have heart for friends, good books, sports and dance

Life is sometimes about accolades, fans and awards
Have heart to stay grounded, feel happy and move on

Life is also about blaming destiny, cribbing in present and tensions of future
Have heart to assign past to destiny, to enjoy the uncertainty, be happy, being happy is your nature

Life is also about monotony, rigidity and vacuums
Have heart to change each day, experiment and take it as it comes

Life is much much more
All you need is to have heart.

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