April 27, 2006

Constant Change

Intact Roots

Change is life,
The course of life everyday,
All things change,
We change with them all days.

Remember that you can change,

Your friends and foes, not parents;
Your exam-marks, not talents;

You can change your teacher, not your brain;
Let the bad habits change and inner strength remain

Change you can your ambitions but be brave;

Change you can your life-styles but behave!

Change your opinions; keep to your principles;
Change your attitudes, keep to your noblesse
Change your leaves; keep intact your roots,
Change your life for good, to collect the fruits

Remember that
You can change your thinking, not your soul,
Change with current times, Move ahead with a goal
Get hold of change, Let it not go out of control
Stay Grounded first and then Move,
Your life be a Rock N’ Roll

You can change your hair color, not your skin;
Show off wont help, Change comes from within,

Change is constant, Change is accelerant
It takes sweat and courage to be compliant
So do not change just for the sake of Change
Think, Assess and then Change...

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