April 20, 2006

Meenu's Poetry Corner

"Writers are very vulnerable people,
for by the act of writing they allow
their deepest selves to be shared,
to be applauded or mocked,
by whoever can locate a copy of their books."

Keep Walking…

I feel alone and wounded,
Doors closed, darkness all around
Those yelling dogs, ready to pounce on me,
And that biting chill killing me

I am tired today and ready to sleep,
Yes, I am so ready to have that enduring sleep,
Never to laugh, never to weep
Yes, I feel so ready to undress
From this equipment, The human body
To fly, to be free from this custody

I have been walking for long,
With a bag of tears, blood, love, mishaps and pain
Only to realize, it was all in vain
I have seen it all in this chronicle,
Rags to rich, youth to wrinkle
It's all the same, just a vacuum inside
Yes I am tired of being humane enough

Sometimes, I feel like running away
Can't escape as I know
I have a long long way to go,
Before I say goodbye to all I know

My legs are aching
But there is something subtle
keeps me walking, the survival calling,
That force making me a rock inside
Nothing can break me
Nothing can shake me
Yes that force is my strength
The strength of my soul
The power of my being

Oh life, come on,
Slap me on my face
I have the strength to smile again


  1. Meenu, hugs!!! It is hard isn't to overcome these dark and intense feelings? Yes, you fall off the horse and then you jump back on. You fall off, want to give up, and then struggle and jump back on. Today you are back on the horse and if nothing else, I witness and cheer you on!

  2. Thanks Bhavana,

    Lovely resonance....