May 4, 2012

Pearl of the Womb

Pic Credit - Netbook
Pearl of the Womb

I am,
The prettiest pearl of your womb
Majestic fragrant flower to bloom,

Forming life within you, breathing in unison
Bonded umbilical, you are my foundation
Dear Ma, I feel safe
Nurtured, sheltered, associated
From my purest world
To yours, my arrival is awaited

And then, I am just your daughter
Can’t touch the grandeur of being a son
This fact, that mirror manifested
My being, same as yours
Then why you exasperated

Towards the gutter,
I am flushed, relegated
A cold blooded murder
By my root, my ruthless mother,
Committed red handed, yet the veil of sophisticated
Shakti herself, with the prowess of creating generations, yet subjugated

Could the chords of womb be ever so corrupted?

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