May 7, 2012

My True Story Published

Do you have a brother?

I find it very difficult to answer this question today when being asked "Do you have a brother". Please read my true story published in Womesweb magazine at the following link and your comments, resonance stay valuable to the core.

Value each breath with your beloveds...- Meenaxi


  1. Hi That had me in tears.....I know its easy to stay He is still with you and in your heart etc but no one can really understand what you must be going through! Take care!

  2. Dear Jaish,

    Heartfelt thanks for your emotional support. It calms and gives the strength.

    Love the life!

  3. This post had me crying.. I too have a brother younger to me by 6 years. This totally had me connected. I just pray that you brother is very very happy wherever he is now and that no one should ever go through what you and your family had been through...

  4. It was very emotional to read your story, the end was truly moving. Life has its strange way of healing but such wounds are stubborn.. My prayers are with you