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The Blogger Award Goes To Me ? :)

Celebrating My Award Night !

Once upon a time, I was travelling in time on the journey of writing and hunting for a launch pad...and in my lap,
my fellow blogger Saher shows me a ray of light with bestowing an award for my blog, what more can I ask for. Finding resonance and kindness reflects the goodness is still there and so is the appreciation of art. Thanks Saher. I enjoy reading your blog ... , for being sour and sweet and  simple. Keep writing, Life stance has promising substance and is versatile not being a usual diarrhea of everyday happenings.You have an eye for humor.

Time for fulfilling the ritual:
A.      Thank the person who nominated you.
B.      Post a picture of the award on your blog.
C.      Share 7 random thoughts about yourself.
D.      Choose bloggers to pass the award to.
E.       Inform them about it.
Few random thoughts about me..
.I love rich Mom made Paranthas loaded with butter and with a hot cup of Masala tea. Its divine and reduces calories of stress.
NCR seems nationality confused region to me. Sometimes I find myself virtually in NYC being in ambience mall, Gurgaon.
I love my kids and don't care if people think I am obsessed. 
I am proudly possessed and celebrate motherhood as very special blessing.
There should be an expiry date to dresses after wearing them once.
Poetry is the life line of society and who says poets are broke. They are broken.
I wonder why schools are in such a hurry to commence?
I nominate the following bloggers deserving the award, there may be many but me being very recent indiblogger could find these blogs:-


  1. :D Thanks Meenaxi!!! Find your words very encouraging

    Good to know about you, specially
    'Poetry is the life line of society and who says poets are broke. They are broken.'

    I admire poets and poetry, it's true talent, can never come from trying or practice :)

  2. Congratulations dear and love you for what you said about poetry. Thanks a million for the award. Truly honored and congratulations for your story that is published on :)

  3. My heartfelt congratulations to you.

  4. Thanks dear friends,

    Love, light and good life

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