December 21, 2010

Welcome to Unborn

Oh my dear lil' angels

I am waiting....
To have you in my lap
To hold you, caress you
To see your smile
To admire it for that while

I am curious....
To know you are boys or girls
you have silky black hair or brown
shiny curls
To see your face
To take you in my embrace

I imagine...
You smiling and crawling
Calling me Mama and talking
Your lil' hands and feet in a wrap
you Sleeping cosily in my lap

You Playing with your sweet Papa
Him singing songs and you going Ga ga
You on his shoulders, asking for toys
He calling you beta, his eyes filled with joys

Oh my dear babies
its still three and half months to go
so lets gear up, its time for you to grow
Your mom is showing up with a new glow
waiting, for her love to bestow

Come, my sweet little cutie pies
May GOD bless you with everything under the sky
I am sure you will strengthen our family ties
You are my angels, GOD himself coming to my home in disguise

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