December 21, 2010

Dear Daughter

You are born
As a baby
I am born
As a Mother

You needed Care
Your mother to be there
I grew responsible
I had you to share

You were naughty
Always wanted me to play
I relived as a child
To stay Happy Everyday

You wanted me to teach u craft
Brought my talent out in art
You wanted me to dance
My deep rooted hobby, u gave me a chance

You wanted all my time with passion
I gave away myself to you
Forgot all worries & tension
You wanted to go out & play
I got loving friends everyday

You got attractive and received people’s grins
I was known by you as a mother of twins
You wanted to go out and play
I got new society friends to meet everyday

I owe this peace and happiness to you
Our home full of laughter and giggles all through
You are my lifetime friend and your love is true
I want to bestow all my love and GOD be with you

You are growing everyday
Being a child to a girl
I am growing everyday
Being a woman to a mother


  1. Another beautiful piece, Meenaxi!! Love the last para :)

  2. Thanks Saher! I appreciate your encouraging words. thanks Dear.