April 2, 2012


This post is written to follow the theme of experience with ‘Encountering the Other in Language / Place’ on the BluePrintReview Blog carnival(http://www.blueprintreview.de/lapjoin.htm), emphasizing on the other, and in the process of seeking, a different perspective evoked where the other-ness could not be found.

Picture credits - From Freedom Collection on Favim.com

Where do I belong?
What place, what language?
What is foreign to me?

I am here
Always was,
I am ancient
I was a volcano, a boulder
A fish, a sparrow or a squirrel
Today, I am a girl

You make me bow
Attach me with a custom God
Fence me, limit me
Introduce me to fear
Free me, let me fly
I am a cloud
A rootless, homeless floater
Of no shape, no race, no color
I just change, stay forever

Don’t tie me
With your sacred thread
No sprinkling of holy water
From the purest world
I have emerged
Been tied to the strongest
Chord of umbilical
Into the holiest water of the womb, I have immersed
I am pure as a prayer

I have traveled
From nothing to nothing
Everything to everything
To commune and consummate
I will be here, never dissipate

I exist, raw, pure and divine
What’s there to define?
I am eternal, you can’t confine
What could be foreign to me, you opine
The colors of the flame emanating from your pyre
Would be same as mine


  1. Excellent,very well said.

  2. Hey Indu,

    Thanks for your kind words.

  3. Loved it, every word of it! You write so so well!!

  4. and I loved your comments...Thanks Saher.

  5. Remarkable, Astonishing....every single word is clear and crisp.well written.