1. In the book "Timeless Voices" -  the first poem Longings by Meenakshi M Singh

Published in 2006, Hardcover, available on Amazon here

2. My real life story " Do You Have A Brother ?" published in Women's Web and well appreciated by Readers , an online popular e- zine  May 5, 2012 here :-

The same story in more words published on the "Under The Banyan Tree" found at the following link: Under the Banyan Tree is a forum for people to share the stories of their life .Everyday stories that help us heal, motivate and foster humanity across religions and geographical boundaries. Stories that underline the power of sacrifice, sharing and innovation for furtherance of a larger good of our society.

3. Two poems of mine published in the book "InkLinks" , an anthology by poets corner group featuring the writings of the maestros of Dr. APJ Kalam, Gulzar, Nida Fazli and many more. It's an honour to share the dais with such eminent writers.

4. My poem " Homeless" selected for Blueprint Review amongst 23 individuals across the world

"So the alienation begins..." ... now featured "Encountering the Other", a joined Language/Place blog project, hosted by Abha Iyengar

Its exciting to share the dais with eminent writers Abha Iyengar, Amandeep Sandhu, Manjul Bajaj, Neelima Vnod, Nabina Das, Dorothee Lang and others...

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